Sept. 15 2011 01:09 PM

Stump Grinder

A lightweight compact stump grinder has been introduced by Morbark. The self-propelled G 42 SP comes equipped with both 27hp and 38hp gas engine configurations.

Standard equipment also includes three cutting system options, an electric clutch with cutting system break, and 5-up comfort grip fingertip controls. It also boasts a 42” wide boom arc swing in addition to utilizing all steel construction. Morbark Inc. Circle 195 on Reader Response Card

Compact-Duty Plows

Arctic Snow and Ice Control Product’s new line of Compact-Duty sectional snow plows are designed to be compatible with small skid steers, compact tractors and small wheel loaders.

Ideally, these plows would be perfect for clearing small parking lots, sidewalks, and larger driveways.

The Compact-Duty plow features a sectional moldboard design. Each 24” section of the plow is designed to move up and down independently, allowing the plow to contour to uneven surfaces. The plow will also automatically adjust to pavement grade, resulting in fewer missed areas. Every section comes with a spring-loaded trip edge and a polyurethane cutting edge. Bolt-on mechanical side panels rotate up and over small obstructions.

The plows come in three different models; the smallest is 6’ long and weighs 1,000 pounds. An 8’ plow weighs 1,108 pounds and a 10’ plow weighs in at 1,216 pounds. Every CD plow is backed with a 2-year limited warranty.

Arctic Snow & Ice Control

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New Cab System

Curtis Industries has introduced a new cab system for the Cub Cadet Yanmar Sc2450 TLB series compact tractor. Designed with flexibility in mind, the new cab system is compatible with a variety of attachments, including loaders and backhoes.

Constructed with a durable steel frame and steel doors, the cab features a tempered safety-glass windshield with a pop-out vent feature. In addition to having full sliding windows, the doors are pin-hinged for easy removal during the summer months.

Optional accessories available for the cab include a high performance heater, defroster fan, work lights, strobe or beacon lights, and a deluxe console with a CD player. Curtis Industries LLC Circle 194 on Reader Response Card

Subsurface Dripline

For small, narrow and tight planting areas, the XFS Subsurface Dripline uses 30% to 70% less water than overhead sprays. The underground dripline is unaffected by wind, evaporation or vandalism, and offers up to 90% watering efficiency for turf grass, shrubs and groundcover.

XFS Subsurface Dripline features Copper Shield Technology that protects the emitter from root intrusion without the use of toxic chemicals. The dripline also provides an option for communities that have passed legislation limiting the use of overhead sprays near buildings and hardscapes. Rain Bird Circle 192 on Reader Response Card

Battery-Powered Chainsaw

A new alternative to gas-powered chainsaws, Blount introduces the OREGON PowerNow 40V MAX cordless chainsaw. Portable and lightweight, just under 11 pounds, it features instant start, low noise and zero emissions.

With a 14” bar, the 40V MAX chainsaw is capable of cutting through 10” to 12” logs. It features a built-in chain sharpening system, as well as a tool-free side cover to provide easy access to the bar and chain.

The chainsaw starts instantly without a pull cord. It is also very quiet while running and nearly silent in between cuts. Being battery-powered it is also emission, fume, and warm-up free.

The 40V MAX lithium ion battery pack features high capacity cells with no-fade power that maintain performance throughout the job. It is available with either a standard battery or the endurance pack. The endurance battery pack doubles the runtime of the standard pack.

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Wastewater/Industrial Controller

The AIC controller is engineered to meet the demands of site water management for wastewater, both industrial and agricultural. Based on the Tucor TWC platform, the AIC combines traditional irrigation capability with the “what if” functionality of a programmable logic controller (PLC).

With WEB access, the AIC can be remotely programmed to manage up to 10 sensor points with as many multiple actions, based on user-defined thresholds. It also has the ability to manage flow, pressure, differentials and tank levels.

The AIC is designed for pumping, water harvesting, and filtering applications that ultimately require an irrigation application. Tucor, Inc.

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Rear-Discharge Mower

Gravely Pro-Master 260 mowers are now available with a rear-discharge deck option. Clippings are diverted behind the mower, on the turf, instead of being flung across roadways and sidewalks.

The rear-discharge deck also offers increased safety, as projectiles picked up by the mower are directed down and backwards. This reduces the risk when mowing near people, windows or vehicles.

The mower features a 60" cutting width, based on the seven-gauge X Factor deck currently found on Gravely’s side discharge model. The 260 is powered by a 27hp Briggs & Stratton Daihatsu diesel engine. The mower has a ground speed of up to 13 mph, and a 13.4 gallon tank. Gravely Circle 190 on Reader Response Card

High Output Spreader

The fully electric-powered V-Maxx 8550 high output spreader is designed to spread 295 to 680 pounds of material per minute in one pass. It is controlled by an independent speed controller that allows the spinner and auger speed settings to adjust the spread width from 6' to 40'.

The spreader comes standard with a multi-angle hopper, an inverted “V” baffle and an attached vibrator. For reduced maintenance, there are no engines, pulleys, sprockets, belts or chains to maintain.

Other standard features include an auxiliary light kit, auxiliary LED brake light, top screen, fitted tarp and a non-combustible HD automotive wiring harness.

Optional accessories include a digital job tracker and material pre-wetting system. SnowEx Circle 188 on Reader Response Card