Nov. 16 2011 07:26 AM

First Annual Grant for Humanity

The International Professional Pond Companies Association (IPPCA) is pleased to announce the first annual recipient of its newly established “Grant for Humanity” is Aquascape Foundation.

The Aquascape Foundation, of St. Charles, Illinois, is headed by president Carla Wittstock and was chosen for this grant by IPPCA based upon the foundation’s mission to “create sustainable solutions for the world-wide water crisis.” The Aquascape Foundation has previously constructed rain water harvesting systems in Ghana, West Africa, and Columbia, and is currently planning a system to supply over 900 school children in Uganda, East Africa.

The Aquascape Foundation utilizes its technology to collect and supply rainwater to those in dire need, and their efforts have forever changed the lives of hundreds of people.

The IPPCA “Grant for Humanity” was established in the effort to support those companies who actively represent our industry while performing humanitarian assistance in their communities, in their country, or across the globe.

Landscape Contractors volunteer

Chip and Sue DuBois of Chip’s Landscaping, Greenfield Center, New York, were among 150 other contractors who were invited by industry group, Aquascape Inc., to volunteer their time to build a large water feature for the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois. The educational water feature is the third project Aquascapes Inc., has built for the popular facility.

The project was designed to model a native Illinois stream, complete with the local flora and fauna.

Waterfalls pour into a 50-foot stream that flows into a large pond. The pond itself also serves as a 1,500 gallon reservoir that collects rainwater.

Chip DuBois worked on the upper waterfall area as well as the pond. The husband and wife team have worked on a couple of projects locally, but have found their niche in building sustainable ecosystems.