Nov. 16 2011 07:26 AM

zero-Turn Mowers

Available in SZ and LZ models, the TANK series zero-turn mower offers two different methods of steering. The SZ model features a steering wheel and 4- wheel steering technology. The LZ model features an adjustable lap bar system on their mower.

TANK mowers have a lifetime warranty on frame. It is constructed with a fulllength, beam rail system, using 3/8" steel. Features include:

a slopednose deck design complete with a reinforced pulley, belt, and drive systems, a new generation 14cc TorquePack power train.

Driver comforts include an elasticity vibration control seating system, power steering, intuitive controls, and a tool-free adjustable lap bar. Models equipped with steering wheels also have a tilt function located on the steering column. Cub Cadet Circle 177 on Reader Response Card

Soil Moisture Sensor

Baseline’s biSensors precisely measure the moisture content of any soil type. They are not affected by soil salinity (fertilizers), have no metal in contact with the soil, and are designed to be used for both residential and commercial applications.

The biSensors report the result of evapo-transpiration (ET) to the controller, which uses the information to water only when needed, saving as much as 50% of water use. Baseline Circle 170 on Reader Response Card

Wireless Weather Sensing System

the Climate logic weather system by Irritrol consists of three components: a wireless transmitting weather sensor for installation outdoors, a receiver module that attaches to an Irritrol controller, and an Sd card with the 40-year, historical weather information by zip code.

the system monitors weather data, transmits them to the module, then alters the controller’s program based on the weather. the unit is compatible with the Rain dial-R, total Control-R, Kwikdial and new generation mC-E “blue” commercial controllers. Irritrol Circle 173 on Reader Response Card

Mini-Skid Steer

Equipped with a four pump hydraulic system, Vermeer’s S650TX mini-skid steer is capable of flowing hydraulic fluid at 13.75 gallons per minute for increased operational efficiency and enhanced attachment performance.

The skid steer is designed with the idler positioned close to the front attachment plate for improved lifting capacity and a reduction in overall machine weight.

It is powered by a 24.8 hp Kubota diesel engine, and is available with either 7 or 9 inch rubber tracks.

Additional features include a universal mounting plate and a single pilot-operated joystick. Vermeer Circle 172 on Reader Response Card

LED Spotlight

The MR16 LED 5.5 watt spotlight has been introduced by Brilliance LED. It is designed to fit into standard low voltage MR16 fixtures and sockets. It features magnetic or electronic transformers, and includes over current and voltage protection. It has excellent heat dissipation, and is dimmable with a magnetic transformer.

The MR16 is available in warm white 2800-3000K and cool white 5500-6000K.

Brilliance LED Circle 178 on Reader Response Card

Ground Drive Spreaders

SnowEx’s SP-725G and SP-1225G ground drive spreaders were designed for use on sidewalks parking lots and other off-road applications. They come built with lawn-and garden style hitches, allowing them to be towed behind compact tractors, ATVs, and utility vehicles.

The spreaders are offered in 7 and 12 cubic foot capacities as the SP- 725G and the SP- 1225G, respectively. The hoppers are constructed out of polyethylene in order to resist corrosion. An adjustable 12” spinner and unique agitation system allow the machine to spread rock salt and ice-melters up to 30 feet at 5 miles per hour.

Other features include a heavy-duty transmission, narrow pneumatic tires, a clear fitted hopper cover, and a cable for controlling the manual gate. Both models are covered by a two-year limited warranty. SnowEX Circle 180 on Reader Response Card


For lawn care professionals looking to fight stink bugs, talstar has just introduced an insecticide targeting the pests. the insecticide called FIFRA 2(ee) is recommended for use in states hit hard by stink bug infestations.

the insecticide may be applied as a lawn or perimeter treatment for prevention and control of stink bugs and more than 75 other pests. A water-based product, it is non-irritating, does not leave residues or cause phytotoxicity. Talstar Professional Circle 174 on Reader Response Card

Flow Sensor

Available in 3 and 4 inch PVC pipe sizes, this saddle type flow sensor is designed specifically for irrigation measurement and control applications.

The 3 inch Model FSI-S30-001 has an operating measurement range of .25/fps—12fps, or approximately 6 gpm to 300 gpm. The 4 inch Model FSI- S40-001 operates over the same measurement range as the 3 inch model, but will flow approximately 10 gpm to 480 gpm.

Both sensors are constructed with SDR 21 (Class 200) PVC pipe and are rated to operate at pressures up to 150 psi. The sensor housing is permanently attached to the PVC saddle and does not require additional mounting hardware. Moisture resistant construction means the sensor can also function in underground installations. Creative Sensor Technology Circle 179 on Reader Response Card

PPR Fitting Reamers

PPR fitting reamers are now available from the Reed manufacturing company for ¾" and 1" PVC and CPVC fittings. Fitting reamers are used to clean out old or broken pipe and leftover solvent cement, so that the fitting can be reused.

Reed has also announced a full kit of all six reamer sizes.

PPR reamers fit standard drills, cordless drills, and impact drills.

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Spreader and Sprayer

Turfco’s updated T3000 spreader and sprayer retains its narrow width, allowing it to fit through 36” gates. Its adjustable, high pressure, high velocity spray system is capable of 4’, 6’, and 9’ spray widths.

The T3000’s spreader hopper and carrier tray can carry 120 lbs each, allowing for coverage up to 64,000 square feet per fill. The spray system can hold up to 16 gallons.

Additional features include a 16-amp charging system for accessories, optional electric start, and cruise control. The spinner has also been redesigned for increased durability and ease of maintenance. Turfco Circle 182 on Reader Response Card

Chainsaw Sharpening Tool

Chainsaw users can now sharpen their chainsaws on the job, in seconds with the blount powerSharp.

Easy to use, you simply attach the sharpener to the chainsaw and press the tip to a solid surface for 3 to 5 seconds. the dull chain is sharpened that quickly. make sure sharpener is removed prior to using chainsaw. Blount Circle 183 on Reader Response Card

Insecticide Injection

ACE-jet is a micro-injectable insecticide is available in 32 states and has recently been approved for use in California. This broad spectrum, fast acting product comes in a soluble, granular, form to maintain maximum potency. Mixed with water, it is injected into a tree’s vascular system and delivered to any insect that feeds on that tree.

It eliminates leaf chewing insects such as caterpillars and winter moths, piercing-sucking insects like aphids and spider mites, and mining insects like leafminers and sawflies. Beneficial insects such as wasps, soldier beetles, and assassin bugs are unaffected by ACE-jet.

ACE-jet has similar viscosity to water and will work on all tree types. It should only be used when insects are present, and is effective for up to a year. ACE-jet is available in a 20 pack box and in 15 gram single-use packets. Arborjet Circle 181 on Reader Response Card

Web-Based Controller

Previously compatible with the TMC-424E, Toro’s TriComm System is now compatible with its TDC (Decoder Controller), as well.

The TDC Decoder Controller’s two-wire system offers webbased control of up to 100 stations. Once the controller is powered up, the internal modem uses cellular communications to interface with the TriComm web servers. No local internet connections are required at the controller. All communications are made through a cellular network.

The irrigation manager can log onto the web service at any time, on any device, and perform all the functions they would normally perform at the controller faceplate. Toro Circle 175 on Reader Response Card

Snow Plow

Specifically designed for removing snow from sidewalks, the V-plow pusher is a durable, lightweight plowing tool. It features universal couplers for attaching to both skid steers and tractors.

Available in 4', 5' and 6' widths, its ½" hand welded, hardened steel cutting edge is angled to slice through snow and can also be used as an ice scraper.

Replaceable steel edges and wear shoes keep maintenance simple.

V-plows are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

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Stump Removal Bucket

The EDGE Stump removal attachment for skid steer loaders is now available from CEAttachments. This multi- function attachment can also be used for digging ditches or moving and placing rocks.

The bucket features three durable 23-series cast steel teeth, designed to dig deep under roots of tree stumps.

Side teeth on the bucket help it to cut through roots and extract stumps from the ground. The stump removal bucket is 62.5” in length, 46” wide with a height of 20”. CEAttachments Circle 185 on Reader Response Card

Spray nozzle

High-Efficiency Variable Arc Spray Nozzles(HE-VAN) from RainBird utilize a suite of new technologies. Flow Control Technology provides lower trajectory streams for close in watering and more uniform coverage across the spray pattern. Thicker water streams and larger droplets offer better wind resistance.

Arc adjustments are easy with using Rain Bird’s Exact Edge feature. It locks the nozzles into place for a clean, consistent right edge that resists accidental adjustment in the field.

A thicker deflector for enhanced strength and crack resistance makes the HE-VAN more durable.

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