Dec. 9 2011 05:07 PM

Silt Seeder

Capable of power-seeding, dethatching and verticutting, Toro’s silt seeder can hold up to 40 lbs of seed. It can seed roughly 8,000 sq. ft. without refilling. A variable-speed drive system allows for both forward and reverse operation, with zero-turn maneuverability.

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Brass Valve

Featuring low-seat designated brass construction, the redesigned 950 Forward Flow valve also has reduced head loss to save energy.

Its two-piece internal assembly decreases pressure loss and increases flow. A self-cleaning rod system ensures that only “clean” water enters the upper diaphragm chamber for consistent, trouble-free performance.

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Zero-Turn Mower

Said to provide 25% fuel savings, the John Deere zero-turn Z925 mower offers a closed loop fuel injection system that constantly monitors engine performance.

The Z925 EFI is available with either a 54” or 60” mowing deck. The 54” model includes Mulch-ondemand technology that allows the operator to switch between mulching and sidedischarging without leaving the seat.

Both models come with internal wet disk brakes and adjustable mower deck height. The deck itself is stamped from 7-gauge steel.

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curb ramp

A curb ramp provides smooth entry over rolled curb driveways, preventing them from jostling cars that drive over them. the ramp also allows water to flow underneath without the need for piping.

the ramp comes in 4' modular sections and is constructed of crumb rubber from recycled tires. the individual sections can be linked together to help smooth driveway entry and exit. No bolting to the pavement is required, and it can be flipped out of the way for easy cleaning. Bridjit Circle 133 on Reader Response Card

Backpack Blower

The 570 and 580 backpack blowers are capable of blowing with an air speed of 236 and 206 mph, and will flow an air volume of 770 and 908 cfm respectively. They’re available in both frame-mounted and tube-mounted configurations.

These models were designed with more efficient fans in order to increase power without adding bulk. They also come equipped with a formed back pad to provide the operator with greater comfort for long periods of use.

These blowers feature a large commercialgrade air filter for longer periods between maintenance. All models come with dual intakes; one for clean air, and another for the air-fuel mixture. The result is a powerful engine with 20% reduced fuel consumption, and up to 60% reduced emissions when compared to conventional two-stroke motors. Husqvarna Circle 136 on Reader Response Card

Turf Tracks

Bobcat Company has released a turf-friendly replacement track for its compact track loader. The tracks are designed to fit T25, T300, T750, and T770 model loaders.

Compared to normal tracks, these have a flat and even profile, to prevent the tearing and cutting of lugs. The rubber, textured tracks are intended to provide minimal ground disruption, reducing risk of damage to irrigation systems and underground utility lines.

The tracks are available in non-marking black rubber, and non-marking orange for select models. Bobcat Circle 137 on Reader Response Card

Mini-Skid Steer

ditch Witch’s SK350 mini-skid steer comes with a 20hp Kohler engine and a 7.5-gallon tank for up to five hours of operation. both gas and hydraulic tanks are mounted on the frame, enabling operators to refuel or top off hydraulic fluid without going under the hood. A heavy-duty air filter comes standard.

Equipped with a powerful 12 gpm auxiliary circuit flow, the mini-skid steer can drive more than 70 attachments. It comes with quick-disconnect fittings as well, so attachments can be changed without shutting the machine down. It is available with either steel or rubber tracks. Ditch Witch Circle 140 on Reader Response Card

Safety eyewear

Featuring polycarbonate lenses that meet the ANSI Z87.1+ standard, these glasses will block more than 99.9% of damaging UVA, b, and C rays. they weigh in at under an ounce and come with a soft nose piece and contoured temple tips.

options include anti-fog and reflective mirror finishes. they’re available in four colors: glossy black, soft caramel, pink, and tortoiseshell. Gateway Safety Circle 138 on Reader Response Card

Mobile App

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, Rain Bird’s mobile catalog app makes it possible for irrigation professionals to access product information on their Internet-enabled mobile devices.

The application also offers a variety of information and tools, including system layouts, product details and specifications. Digital and PDF versions are also available from the company’s website.

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Flow Meter

A high-tech flow meter, the SonTek-IQ was built to address the open channel irrigation market. It is a low-cost, accurate way to monitor water deliveries in irrigation turn-outs.

The SonTek-IQ measures flow velocity using four acoustic pulsed Doppler beams that allow the instrument to profile water velocity in three dimensions. It has also undergone flow modeling in small irrigation canals. The system incorporates an intelligent processing scheme originally developed for the RiverSurveyor product line.

The flow meter was developed in partnership with the Irrigation Training and Research Center at California Polytechnic University and Art Schmidt at the University of Illinois.

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