Landscape professionals, including urban property managers, plant and nursery staff, landscape architects and designers are eligible to enroll in a free training program. The program is designed to ensure that water is used efficiently in the design, installation and maintenance of landscapes.

Landscape professionals are eligible to enroll in a free training program from SmartScape that runs from January 8 through February 5, with two workshops per week. Topics include Desert Adaptive Plants, Irrigation Systems, Designing SmartScapes, and Landscape Water Management.

"While the training is focused on educating those working in the landscape trades, we encourage others to participate as well," said Fernando Molina, Tucson Water Public Information Officer. "Because professional landscapers manage a significant amount of water in this community, homeowner association board members and property managers should take interest in this program as well, since they frequently contract for landscape services.”

“Learning about appropriate landscape management practices can ensure that water is being used as efficiently as possible, while saving some money in the process," he continued.

The SmartScape program is a partnership of Tucson Water, Pima County Cooperative Extension, and University of Arizona College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. To register, or for more information, contact the SmartScape Program Office at (520) 626-5161 or go to online.