“Everything seems so computerized,” said Robert Kozol of Robert's Nursery, Landscapes & Lawns in Omaha, Nebraska. “No one wants to get their fingernails dirty anymore.” Kozol, in his early 30s, understands the Millennial Generation and its inclination to hire professionals to take care of landscaping and lawn needs. He wouldn't call it laziness, but off-duty time is spent on family, travel or electronic amusement rather than on replenishing the flower bed out back.

In sync are results of an online survey by the Professional Landcare Network, which named Millennials and men as among groups more likely to pay to have a professional do landscaping and lawn work.

The trade association's research revealed another key finding: Average spending on yard maintenance is expected to hold steady this year, while the biggest average spending increases likely will be on entertainment-type “hardscapes” like decks, outdoor kitchens and water features.

Other key data shows that about five percent hired a professional last year to build a patio, deck, kitchen or walkway project and spent an average of $1,400. The average amount those same adults expect to spend on that type of service this year is double, or $2,900. Approximately 17 percent expect to hire out yard maintenance work in the coming year and estimate they'll spend $700, up from an average of $600 the previous year.

Approximately seven percent are expected to pay for landscape services such as the planting of shrubs, trees and flowers. The average amount they'll spend will be about $1,200, up from $1,000 the previous year.

This is good news for landscape contractors as they fight to stay healthy in the recovering economy. It also helps landscape businesses pinpoint future clients.