Landscape workers in Emsworth, Pennsylvania, were barely able to escape Friday morning when a quick spreading fire started in the trailer connected to their truck. Rick Rosser said that he and a landscape coworker were putting their lawn mowers into the trailer when it burst into flames.

“The left side went up in flames and we both ran out of the trailer,” said Rosser. “It exploded next to me.” Justin Wilson, who was also in the trailer, said, “I heard a boom and the next thing I knew, it was up in flames.”

It’s important to keep in mind the hazards of transporting gasoline. While it may seem like a more convenient approach, the lasting damages aren’t worth it. You might be risking a possible gasoline explosion that can cause permanent damage to yourself, your crew and your landscape equipment. The trailer and aftermath of the fire show just how intense it was, destroying the trailer and everything inside.