July 9 2013 03:00 AM

In an initiative designed to educate and inform both irrigation professionals and homeowners about the water-saving benefits of pressure-regulating sprays (PRS), Rain Bird has kicked off its Project PRS.

Many people are not aware that there are pressure-regulating products for use in the landscape. “We’ve found that they can save significant amounts of water at sites with high or fluctuating water pressure,” said Shannon Geno, product manager for Rain Bird rotors. With Smart Water Month (July) just starting, this is a great time for Rain Bird to help increase awareness of their pressure-regulating PRS spray heads and rotors.  

 A special web page, www.rainbird.com/prs, contains water-saving calculators, a Twitter feed (#ProjectPRS), and videos explaining the importance of using pressure-regulating spray heads and rotors.

The website is also a portal for entry to a contest that began July 1 and will run until October 4.  By sharing data about sites where they’ve installed the pressure-regulating components, irrigation contractors can win a $500 credit they can use at their local Rain Bird distributor.

At the contest’s end, the company will announce the names of three finalists whose sites saved the most water. These contractors will be flown to the 2013 Irrigation Association Show, to be held November 6-7 in Austin, Texas. At the show, the first place winner will receive a free trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.