Aug. 29 2013 03:00 AM

The city of Long Beach, California, has fired Anaheim-based Marina Landscaping--its new landscape contractor--after less than two months on the job. Marina Landscaping provides grounds maintenance services at most city parks and medians.

City officials have been flooded with complaints about the appearance of the parks since Marina Landscaping took over a two-vendor contract worth $2.1 million to maintain parks and medians for the city. Plastic wrappers dotted browning grass; sidewalks were covered in duck droppings. The park’s lake had a sheen of oily residue on it, and the shores were choked with chip bags, feathers, etc.

Marty Stowell, vice-president of Marina’s Maintenance division, said that the city approved the contract four days before it was implemented, leaving the company scrambling to fulfill the terms of the agreement. For now, two other landscape vendors, already working for Long Beach, will pick up the slack on that contract.