Sept. 5 2013 03:00 AM

A landscape company in Wichita, Kansas, is facing six lawsuits by separate companies claiming it owes them money. Complete Landscaping Systems president and CEO Laura McMurray says that they’re taking steps to pay all the bills.

According to documents filed in Sedgwick County District Court, Kansas, McMurray collectively owes $109,836, and the figure is going to go up, as some of the debt is accruing interest.

To make matters worse, the Banker’s Bank of Kansas is suing the company, claiming that it has an outstanding credit card balance of $26,130, bringing the company’s total to $135,966.

McMurray said that her company’s troubles stem from a dispute with another bank. Complete Landscape sued that bank in U.S. District Court, claiming it had breached confidential agreements and that it owed her company $5 million. Court records show that the lawsuit was dismissed.

She says the dispute created cash flow problems for the company, and it’s been difficult to recover. McMurray has been paying bills when she can, although often less than what is owed.

Her company is trying the best it can to navigate through a difficult situation. She acknowledges that the company has unpaid bills it’s working to pay off. “I’m doing everything I can to rectify this,” McMurray said.