All the ponds on the property of the Oneida Indian Nation's Turning Stone Casino Tower Hotel in Verona, New York, might seem to be just decorative landscape, but they also serve a more important purpose.

"All of the roof drains from the buildings and all of the drainage from the parking lots go to ponds throughout the resort, and these ponds are used for irrigation," explained Mike Vaccaro, director of facilities. "In addition, we use the reclaimed water from the City of Oneida, which is pumped up here, put in other ponds and used for irrigation on the golf courses."

"The Oneida culture really stresses that we are good stewards of the environment. We want to keep things nature-friendly whenever we can. Finding something that lowers our cost, is good for the environment and is good for our guests makes it a no-brainer.  We just do it," said Vaccaro. “Over the past five years, the resort has cut their overall water consumption by 50 percent.”