Oct. 21 2013 02:13 PM


According to court documents, singer Gloria Gaynor, best known for her disco hit “I Will Survive,” is suing a landscape company over what she calls faulty renovations at her Green Brook, New Jersey home.

Gaynor claims the construction of a second-floor deck by Diaz Landscape Design & Tree Service, LLC in Piscataway, New Jersey, led to water leakage into her home and other problems.

The lawsuit also accuses the company of “consumer fraud” claiming, among other reasons, that it did not obtain building permits for the work and was not registered in New Jersey as a home improvement contractor at the time of the construction. Gaynor paid about $38,000 for the renovations and other associated work.

Soon after the renovations, Gaynor experienced water leakage in her home. She claims that it is a result of the defendant’s faulty construction of the second-floor deck. The lawsuit states that the construction also caused ponding of water on the deck, water damage to wood sills and supports, and the formation of mold.

She informed the company about the problems and requested that they be repaired. The company attempted to make repairs, but the problems persisted and caused further damage to the property.

An experienced building contractor examined the work and determined that, given the faulty and defective work, the only appropriate remedy was to replace the deck at an estimated cost of at least $120,000.