Mulch-blasting machines are changing the face of the landscape industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that from 2006 to 2012, ten percent of landscape jobs “blew away”;  the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the advent of mulch-blowing machines is taking a toll on hard labor.

"Jobs are affected," says Josh Skolnick, founder and CEO of Monster Tree Service in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. "It's given us the ability to be more competitive, because we've cut out a lot of labor. But each mechanized mulch-blowing machine that's out there is essentially replacing 20-plus general labor employees.” 

Michael Campbell, owner of Pro-Lawn Landscape Inc. in Madison, Mississippi, says mulch blowing saves time and money by cutting his time by more than half. “For example, a property that would take someone with a wheel barrel about two weeks can be done in two to three days with large mulch machines," he says. “But it’s taking jobs away from the American working class.”

Skolnick adds, "In the last five to six years, between the rise in fuel costs and the downturn in the economy, I think you're going to notice technology and equipment beginning to take over in all blue collar industries.”