Employees at a lawn care business in Orangeburg, South Carolina, received some push-back from a man over a push mower he’d once owned. The man had dropped off the mower for repair back in April. Neeses Lawn and Garden has a policy of selling any items that have been left with them for more than 30 days. Employees said they called the man repeatedly to come pick up his mower, but he never did. Eventually, they sold it.

When he finally did come to pick it up--in September--he was told of its fate. Enraged, he picked up a similar model, walked out the door with it and placed it in his truck. The employees grabbed it from the back of the truck, and a tug-o’-mower ensued.

The man then grabbed a 2’x4’ board, and told the employees they’d not seen the last of him.

Later, a sheriff’s deputy called the man. The deputy reports the man was “very short” with him, telling him that he was busy changing a tire. The man with the missing mower was, however, ordered not to return to the business.