While Ben Clink was doing his job, removing snow at an apartment complex in Pittsfield Township, Michigan, someone took a shot at him. But Clink, whose father owns Clink Landscaping in Ann Arbor, didn't let the attack prevent him from getting his job done.

After one shot had been fired, he pleaded with the man not to shoot again. "I was just saying, 'Please don't shoot me; please don't shoot me. I'll move the snow; please don't shoot me,'" Clink recalled.

The bullet shattered the corner of the windshield of a front-end loader. Clink wasn't injured, but called 911. Police responded, and a 39-year-old suspect was taken into custody. Police said the man was upset after Clink pushed snow near a parked vehicle. Clink said that he had planned to move the pile of snow, but the man shot first. "I guess that wasn't fast enough for him," he said of his snow-clearing efforts.

The case was sent to the Washtenaw County prosecutor's office for review of possible charges, which could include assault with intent to murder. Clink was part of a several-person crew working to clear about four inches of fresh snow. He remained after the shooting to finish the job.