July 1 1998 12:00 AM

On a recent trip to China, we visited a number of cities and towns. I found, to my surprise (happily, I might add), the concern the Chinese have for landscaping.

Some streets in Shanghai have planter boxes as well as trees curbside. Planters help beautify the upper roadways.

We flew into the recently opened airport in a city named Guilin. We found the area around the airport beautifully landscaped. What really impressed me was the amount of interior plant material throughout the terminal. Unfortunately, it was too dark to photograph.

All of these photographs were taken in Shanghai.
The city and its environs boast a population of over 17 million, yet they are making a concerted effort to offset the population pollution with landscaping.

One of the most famous streets in Shanghai is the Bund, which is near the water. The landscaping alongside the waterway gives a soothing effect to a busy city. Even the railroad yard is landscaped. All new buildings are landscaped.