March 10 2014 01:25 PM

Established in 1954, Weld-On pioneered and introduced solvent cement to the world, and was the first to introduce a low-VOC line of solvent cements, as well as chemical resistant solvent cement. Weld-On is celebrating 60 years of providing solutions to the piping industry.

“We have only one mission: to provide the best joining solutions for our customers. This means not only supplying the best products for a given application, but also educating our customers on the latest solvent welding knowledge and techniques so that leak-free, problem-free piping connections are easily made,” said Weld-On’s president, Janet Reilly.

“Weld-On has always been focused on innovating plastic pipe joining solutions to meet the application needs of customers,” Reilly added.

Weld-On is a subsidiary of IPS Corporation.