A 61-year-old landscape worker is in critical condition after being hit by a truck in Arizona. Octavio Herrera, an employee of Snappy Lawn Services in Phoenix, has undergone eight hours of brain surgery, but is still unconscious.

According to investigators, the tragedy started with two teenage drivers racing each other. One of the teens ran through a stop sign and smashed into a truck. The collision sent the truck through a cinder-block wall and into Herrera. He was the only person involved in the crash to suffer life-threatening injuries.

In the wake of the crash, both the community and his employers have come together to help him. Snappy Lawn Services, as well as several of Herrera’s customers, have put together a bank account to help raise money for his medical expenses.

The two teenage drivers, 17-year-old Jose Gonzalez and 16-year-old Esteban Chavez, have been arrested; both of them were booked for aggravated assault and endangerment. They are expected to be charged as adults.