A recent fire at Green View Landscaping in Normal, Illinois, has left the company’s two buildings in ruins. Fortunately, no employees were injured; however, the facility is expected to be a total loss. While the cause remains unknown, investigators suspect that lightning may have started the blaze.

The fire occurred last Thursday morning. “By Monday, we’ll be back 100 percent,” said Green View president Tom Hoerr. While the buildings were lost, no trucks or equipment were destroyed. Although the computers and records were destroyed, they have backups at other locations. “Our people will work out of Green View’s Peoria or Springfield locations.”

The building, a local fire official said, “showed heavy fire and the roof was sagging.” Firefighters battled the blaze for almost three hours before deciding that conditions inside the building were too dangerous to continue. When the roof finally collapsed, most of the building’s interior was damaged beyond repair.

“Our message to our customers is that we are still part of the Bloomington-Normal area; we will not miss a beat,” Hoerr said.