The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), a national association made up of landscape industry professionals, is getting ready to for its annual Day of Service on April 22.  On this day, industry professionals will donate their time and expertise to help plan and execute landscape-related volunteer projects. The goal is to create quality outdoor space, such as sports fields, parks, and playgrounds, that benefit the community by giving people places to be active, spend time together, and relax.

“The generosity of members of this industry is just amazing to see,” said Glenn Jacobson, president of PLANET.  “It really impacts people’s lives in a direct way and makes their communities more enjoyable to live in.”

In the past five years, landscaping professionals across the country have used their expertise to mulch, prune, plant, and mow their way to nearly 1,000 completed projects. The projects have included the help of more than 12,000 volunteers at an estimated value of $4 million.