May 29 2014 09:43 AM

After almost 20 years in the irrigation and landscape supply business, Jeff Lanahan has decided to step aside to pursue other interests. A senior vice president, Lanahan leaves John Deere Landscapes (JDL) just as a new CEO, Doug Black, takes over.  When Richton International sold Century Rain Aid to Deere & Company in 2001, Lanahan was the senior executive who transitioned the management team. Under the Deere banner, JDL has grown to over 450 stores.

Recently, Deere & Company sold a majority of JDL to Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R).  When Dave Werning decided to step down and retire, Lanahan had aspirations to become the next CEO. However, CD&R appointed Black to lead JDL.

“After open, honest and fair discussions, I believe the right choice was made in selecting Doug Black,” said Lanahan. “In the short time I have spent with him, I am confident about the future. He is a thoughtful and fair leader who will not only grow John Deere Landscapes to the next level, but he will do so in a way that supports employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community. “

Lanahan left JDL on May 30th.