A 71-year-old landscape contractor has died in Moreau, New York, after a car hit the trailer in which he was taking shelter. The man, Richard Sterns, along with a few co-workers, was using the landscape trailer as a shelter from a sudden downpour when it was struck by a passing car. The other workers suffered only minor injuries, but Sterns was seriously injured. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he later died.

The trailer was reportedly parked partially in the road, but marked by a brightly colored traffic cone. Unfortunately, that was not enough to keep one 20-year-old driver from slamming into the trailer as he reached down to grab something in his center console.  He was not injured in the accident, but was charged with reckless driving.

One of Sterns’ co-workers described him as “an extremely hard worker…he was like the Energizer bunny.” Another said he “could fix just about anything. He was one of those old-timers who knew how to make everything work.”