The City Council of Tracy, California, has voted unanimously to cancel the contract of the company that was supposed to maintain the grass and landscaping around the city. Public Works Director David Ferguson told council members that the work performed by Sycamore Landscaping Corporation of Livermore, California, was sub-par and had not conformed to all requirements outlined in the contract.

Sycamore Landscaping took the three-year contract to maintain 212 acres of city parks and streets in June 2013. According to Ferguson, the shape of city streetscapes had been declining steadily since Sycamore stopped working on April 23. The city issued a notice of contract termination on May 28.

Crews from the Public Works Department have tried to maintain some areas of town since Sycamore stopped working, but Tracy residents took notice of the brown or dead landscaping. Councilman Charles Manne and Mayor Pro Tem Michael Maciel both said they had received calls about the state of Tracy’s greenery.

With the contract with Sycamore cancelled, the council has authorized Ferguson to hire a temporary service starting in July, while the city seeks a permanent solution. He said that city workers would try to maintain the landscapes until a temporary company can be found. The public works director told council members they should have a contract with a permanent vendor to vote on in September.