When a landscape crew in Colorado Springs, Colorado, decided to take their lunch break, they found a big surprise waiting for them in their truck. Inside, they discovered a 250-pound black bear helping himself to their sandwiches.


Jason Sharp, owner of Front Range Arborists, says that his crew was working in the backyard of a house when the homeowner alerted them to the bear. “The windows were open and he came in through the passenger side and made himself at home,” Sharp said.


The bear stayed inside the truck for about half an hour and helped himself to lunch. “There were two lunches on the front seat,” Sharp said. One of the sandwiches, Sharp continued, was made by an employee’s mother. “That’s kind of the running joke around the shop, ‘He ate your mom’s sandwich.’”


After he finished eating, the bear left the truck and walked out of sight. Sharp says that he’s now telling his employees to roll up their windows if they leave their lunches inside a company car.