The AgriLife Extension program at Texas A&M University in Austin, Texas, has launched a new irrigation auditing website. The site will allow persons to audit an irrigation system completely from the field using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, according to a university spokesperson.


“This is a major upgrade to the current software used for landscape irrigation auditing and producing of irrigation schedules,” said Dr. Guy Fipps, AgriLife Extension irrigation engineer.


With the software, users can export calculated statistics and irrigation schedules to a spreadsheet or word processing document, allowing them to customize their audit reports. Users can also create spring, summer, fall and winter irrigation schedules using water-budget and season-adjustment tools.


Fipps said access to the site will only be granted to students who have completed the landscape irrigation auditing training class. The class is open to anyone who wants to learn how to better manage landscape irrigation.


The next auditing class will be held in Dallas on August 27-28. Fipps and his colleagues hope to produce a homeowner-friendly version of the site by the end of August.