A 19-year-old landscape worker has been stabbed in the arm, and his 70-year-old client is charged with second-degree felonious assault. The violence erupted when client John P. Fenwick accused the 19-year-old and his associates of getting grass clippings inside of his truck.

The three workers were hired to mow the grass at Fenwick’s Akron, Ohio apartment. Fenwick told local police that he confronted them over consistently lackluster work, saying they mowed over children’s toys and got grass clippings everywhere. He allegedly attacked them with a large folding knife when they were in their truck, preparing to leave for the day.

According to the workers, they have had previous problems with Fenwick. Currently in jail on $50,000 bond, he has also had previous felonies, serving eight years in prison after pleading guilty to raping a relative in 1989.