First thing this morning, two crewmembers didn?t show up and before the day got started, the oldest, but largest mower in your fleet finally bit the dust. You were hoping it would make it through the end of the season, but this was not to be.
  • A cold one and a shower later, you sit in front of your computer, browsing Web sites, thinking this might be the best way to get a start on your comparison shopping before you hit the dealerships tomorrow. You know you cannot delay replacing the mower, and you do not want to make a rush decision when it comes to that kind of investment.
    An hour goes by, and you?re rubbing your eyes, more confused than ever. Different manufacturers, different models ? so many from which to choose.

There are basic questions that the commercial landscape contractor wants answered about a mower before he or she purchases a piece of equipment.
We hope the following chart will help you make your decision.

HPCoolingForward SpeedFuel CapacityBelt/ PTO
Total Width
Wheel Base
Overall LengthCurb ClrncUnit Weight
of Cut
of Cut

Country Clipper 2304KA23Air10mph11 galBelt48"62"48"81"9"950 lbs52"1.5-5"
Country Clipper 2304KA23Air10mph11 galBelt48"70"48"81"9"950 lbs60"1.5-5"
Country Clipper 2304M23Air10mph11 galBelt48"62"48"81"9"950 lbs52"1.5-5"
Country Clipper 2304M23Air10mph11 galBelt48"70"48"81"9"950 lbs60"1.5-5"
Country Clipper 2504M25Air10mph11 galBelt48"62"48"81"9"950 lbs52"1.5-5"
Country Clipper 2504M25Air10mph11 galBelt48"70"48"81"9"950 lbs60"1.5-5"
Country Clipper ZETON25Air10mph11 galBelt52"62"48"81"9"960 lbs52"1.5-5"
Country Clipper ZETON26Air10mph11 galBelt52"70"48"81"9"960 lbs60"1.5-5"
Cub Cadet M4819Air9mph10 galBelt44.5"49"46"73"N/A980 lbs48"1.5-5"
Cub Cadet M5423Air9mph10 galBelt38.5"55"50"73"N/A1035 lbs54"1.5-5"
Cub Cadet M6023Air9mph10 galBelt50.5"61"50"73"N/A1050 lbs60"1.5-5"
Dixie Chopper Kawasaki XWK230323Liquid10mph6 galBelt57"55"45"75"6"935 lbs60"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Kohler X230023Liquid10mph6 galBelt49"55"45"75"6"935 lbs50"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Kohler X250025Liquid10mph6 galBelt49"55"45"75"6"935 lbs50"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Kohler XF230023Liquid10mph6 galBelt49"55"45"75"6"935 lbs50"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Kohler XF250025Liquid10mph6 galBelt57"65"45"75"6"935 lbs60"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Kohler XW230023Liquid10mph6 galBelt57"65"45"75"6"935 lbs60"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Kohler XW250025Liquid10mph6 galBelt57"65"45"75"6"935 lbs60"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Kohler XW250325Liquid10mph6 galBelt57"55"45"75"6"935 lbs60"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Kohler XXW250025Liquid10mph6 galBelt71"76"45"75"6"1150 lbs72"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Kohler XXW400040Liquid10mph12 galBelt71"76"45"75"6"1390 lbs72"1-5"
Dixie Chopper X2002, XW2002 Kohler20Liquid10mph6 galBelt49"55"45"75"6"935 lbs50"1-5"
Dixie Chopper X2303 Kohler23Liquid10mph6 galBelt49"55"45"75"6"935 lbs50"1-5"
Dixie Chopper XK2303 Kawasaki23Liquid10mph6 galBelt49"55"45"75"6"935 lbs50"1-5"
Dixie Chopper XW2000 Kohler20Liquid10mph6 galBelt57"65"45"75"6"935 lbs60"1-5"
Dixie Chopper XW2303 Kohler23Liquid10mph6 galBelt57"65"45"75"6"935 lbs60"1-5"
Dixie Chopper XWL230023Liquid10mph6 galBelt57"65"45"75"6"935 lbs60"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Yanmar XWD260026Liquid10mph9 galBelt71"76"45"75"6"1200 lbs60"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Yanmar XXWD260026Liquid10mph12 galBelt71"76"45"75"6"1200 lbs72"1-5"
Dixie Chopper Yanmar XXWD500050Liquid14mph12 galBelt71"76"45"75"6"1700 lbs72"1-5"
Dixon ZTR 602525Air7.5mph5 galBelt48"57.5"45"88"7"1006 lbs48"1-5"
Dixon ZTR 602525Air7.5mph5 galBelt48"69.5"45"88"7"1061 lbs60"1-5"
Dixon ZTR 702525Air10mph11 galBelt48"61.5"48"82"7"925 lbs52"1.5-5"
Dixon ZTR 702525Air10mph11 galBelt48"69.5"48"82"7"970 lbs60"1.5-5"
Dixon ZTR 802525Air10mph11.5 galBelt55"73.5"53"92"7"1021 lbs60"1.5-6"
Dixon ZTR 802525Air10mph11.5 galBelt55"85.5"53"92"7"1051 lbs72"1.5-6"
Dixon ZTR 8026D26.5Liquid10mph11.5 galBelt55"73.5"53"92"7"1331 lbs60"1.5-6"
Dixon ZTR 8026D26.5Liquid10mph11.5 galBelt55"85.5"53"92"7"1361 lbs72"1.5-6"
Dyna-Mow A/B12040/50Liquid12mph13 galHyd68"125"84"121"10.5"2630 lbs120"1-8"
Dyna-Mow A/B7240Liquid12mph13 galHyd63"75"82"118"10.5"2360 lbs72"1-8"
Dyna-Mow B7240Liquid12mph13 galHyd63"75"84"112"10.5"2350 lbs72"1-10"
Dyna-Mow B9640/50Liquid12mph13 galHyd68"100"82"121"10.5"2510 lbs96"1-10"
Encore 42K450Z17Air7-8mph4.25 galHyd40"42.375"40"68"6"755 lbs42"1-4.5"
Encore 48K550Z19Air7-8mph4.25 galHyd42"48.75"44"68"6"775 lbs