If you look up landscaping in the Yellow Pages of most big cities, chances are that youll find literally hundreds of listings. Most probably include only the company name and contact information. A few may offer a menu of servicesdesign, installation, maintenance, irrigation, etc.

Skip to the next ad. List of services? Design, installation, maintenance, irrigation. And the next? Design, installation, maintenance, irrigation.

Are you bored yet? I am! Why does every ad look the same?

A potential customer flipping through the book has about as much chance of calling your company as he has calling any other company. If 200 landscape contractors are listed, and all their ads look like the ones above, you have about a one in 200 chance of getting a call. Would you bet on those odds in Las Vegas or Atlantic City?

If you wouldnt take that bet in your leisure time, why depend on those odds when youre trying to make a living? There are more effective ways of marketing that are guaranteed to get you better results. Irrigation & Green Industry magazine wants to help you stand out from the rest with its 2006 Marketing for Guaranteed Success seminar series, starting in October.

If youre going to spend the time, you want to learn from the best. Thats why weve retained two leading green industry business management strategists and consultants to lead these seminars: Judith Guido, Guido & Associates, and Jeff Carowitz, Strategic Force Marketing.

Guido has been helping green industry professionals, retailers, manufacturers and distributors grow their people and profits for the last 20 years. She has worked with a variety of green industry leaders, including ValleyCrest, the nations largest privately-held landscape contracting company, where she was chief marketing officer. Carowitz develops focused marketing programs for manufacturers, distributors and contractors. He has direct experience owning and operating a contracting business, but also a strong understanding of marketing best practices that can transform growth and profits. Carowitz also was vice president of marketing for Hunter Industries. No green industry contractor is too large or too small to benefit from this seminar. It will be as helpful to those whove been in the business for 50 years as it will be for those whove been in the business for five.

If youre already different from your competition, youll learn how to market your ID (Identifiable Difference). If youre not different from the competition, theyll show you how to create an ID and business niche that will be difficult for competitors to duplicate. Youll get innovative ideas, marketing and sales tools and techniques, and tips to help you create an unbeatable advantage in your highly competitive marketplace.

Whether youre an owner, salesperson, estimator, manager, or crew leader, take the first step toward high impact marketing by enrolling in this valuable seminar today. Visit www.greenindustryseminars.com or call our registration desk at 866-GREEN81 for dates and enrollment information.