As green-industry professionals well know, our nations elected officials are often blissfully unaware of the realities of efficient irrigation. They often only become aware of it when there’s a severe drought affecting their constituents, and for many, the instinctive reaction is often knee-jerk, and over-protective. You can spot an emergency measure because the theme is always ‘Stop watering anything now!’ and not ‘We need to use our water more wisely.’

A event was recently held by the Irrigation Association (IA) in conjunction with the National Ground Water Association and the Water Quality Association. The purpose of the event was to help get the word out about the options for more efficient irrigation, and the legislative needs of irrigation professionals. Over two days, 11 member companies of the IA took part in the 2017 Water Resources Congressional Summit, and paid 28 visits to congressional offices to help inform legislators.

IA’s government and public affairs director, John Farner, called the event productive. “With President Trump’s focus on infrastructure investments and a busy legislative year already underway, it is critical that those in the water industry have a seat at the table,” he said. “We provide expertise in the production of sound policies affecting our water resources.”