The U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security has been sued by thirty businesses. The reason? The H-2B Visa cap had been reached.

Businesses located in Texas, Louisiana, California, and Nevada claim that they have lost significant money and suffered damage to their reputations after the federal government denied their requests for 1,065 visas, after capping out at 33,000 jobs. They also argue that 3,197 of those jobs had actually not been filled by March 2.

The main plaintiff is Euskadia Inc., a construction and landscape company based in Austin, Texas. Earlier this year, it submitted a petition to classify 20 job opportunities as H-2B eligible, though no word on that has come.

So far, the defendant has counter-argued that there was an authorized cushion that would have allowed the businesses to get their extra visas. They also added that the companies all have dates of need after April 1, which is when the second half of this year’s allotted visas will be available.