April 15 2017 03:00 AM

When a U-Haul van showed up recently at The Landscaping Masters in Fresno, California, it wasn’t to transport the owner’s property, unfortunately.

A security camera at the business captured two men getting out of the vehicle after it arrived at three in the morning, and breaking the lock off the property’s gate with a pipe wrench. The masked men broke into one the company’s work trucks, and hooked up a trailer to it. They also hooked up a second trailer to the U-Haul, before driving both vehicles away. They’d taken all the equipment that was in plain sight.

Fortunately for business owner Jose Cuenca, they were not able to break into the building. Still, he estimates that they stole around $65,000 of equipment. “It’s sad to come in and see that your stuff is gone,” he said. “It feels like when somebody dies, that you’re not going to see them again.”

Cuena plans to expand his security system to cover the gates and fencing around his property to avert further thieves. “This is a good lesson, that we have to have better gates, more security alarms and all that,” he said. “We’ll give it a shot and see if it helps or not. We have to keep doing business; we have to move on.”