Southwest Florida is under water restrictions as a precautionary measure, in light of a particularly dry “dry season.” While micro-irrigation and hand-watering can be done at any time, lawn sprinklers are restricted to a once-per-week schedule, between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Reclaimed water or highly treated wastewater can also be used anytime, if it’s not blended with another water source or restricted by local authorities. Homeowners associations must suspend any requirement that increases water usage during this water shortage declaration.

The Southwest Florida Water Management District isn’t taking any chances with the region’s water. “We have ample public water supplies in the region, but anytime we’re experiencing below-normal rainfall, we need to do what we can to extend our water resources,” said Terri Behling, external affairs manager for the district. “It’s always important to conserve water and not be wasteful. This is a reminder to everyone to have conservation be top of mind.”

Southwest Florida’s dry season runs from October to May. The area has received nearly a foot less of rainfall than usual.