Prescription Landscape, Inc., a commercial landscape services and snow removal provider based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area, has acquired Arketa Outdoor Services from Arteka Companies, LLC. Arteka Outdoor Services primarily services homeowner associations (HOAs) and premium sites in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

“This addition will help us strengthen our presence in the HOA market,” said Prescription’s chief executive officer, Ryan Foudray. “Like Prescription, Arteka has a long tradition of quality and integrity and they enjoy admirable customer and employee loyalty as a result. We are privileged to welcome Arteka team members and clients to our company.”

Arteka president and CEO Stewart Hanson is refocusing Arteka Companies’ efforts on growing the expansion of their landscape construction service division of their business in new markets.

Hanson said the deal between Arteka Outdoor Services and Prescription Landscape highlights the similarities between the companies. “We have worked very hard to build our reputation, and we are gratified that Prescription recognizes our passion for our clients, employees and the industry,” said Hanson. “Our companies share many of the same values, and in a true show of commitment to client services, the Arteka Outdoor Service team members will continue on with Prescription.”