The owner of a landscape company in Clifton Park, New York, had no idea that his $10 purchase would go so far in funding his company’s expansion. When Anthony Iavarone asked his friend to buy him a scratch-off ticket from a convenience store in Ballston, New York, he could not have known it would be worth $1 million.

“One of my friends was coming down here to get some drinks, so I asked him to get me a ticket,” said Iavarone. “My aunt has been playing the same ticket for years and she has a little luck; I figured I would too.” Iavarone was right, and after taxes his impulse buy was worth more than $661,000. Iavarone is New York’s newest millionaire; he is 19 years old and a self-employed landscaper.

“I thought it was a dream; I didn’t think it was real,” he said. “It’s definitely real now.” Iavarone has no plans to stop working. He said he will use the funds to expand his landscape business, starting with a new truck, and hasn’t taken so much as a day off. After the ceremony where he accepted the check, he went right back to work.