Aug. 3 2017 03:00 AM

A robotic weed trimmer is set to hit the market by the middle of next year. Whether this will affect landscape contractors’ maintenance clients remains to be seen.

The weeding machine called Tertill, is made to roam garden beds on a daily basis. The robot is powered by solar cells. The 2.5-pound cylinder is mounted on camber wheels and uses sensors to navigate around plants and along the bed perimeters. It rolls around scavenging for weeds. An attached string trimmer cuts down anything that fits underneath the robot.

This doesn’t remove the weed at the root, but the company claims that since the robot is made to run daily, eventually the burgeoning weedlings will die off, since they can’t get enough sunlight and nourishment.

The Tertill includes “collars” which can be placed around short plants that you don’t want mistaken for weeds. You will also need a short barrier around the perimeter around the area to keep the machine from wandering off.