If you're caught fertilizing between June and the end of September along Florida’s west coast, you can be fined $100 for the first offense and $500 for the third. But patience is wearing thin for a lot of homeowners trying to get their lawns to where they once were. The rain is helping, but many say it's worth the fine to bring their lawns back to life.

Matthew Lombardo of Lombardo Landscaping hears it every June. "People say, ‘Do whatever you have to do--be aggressive,’" Lombardo said. But the more rain there is, the greater the risk of having fertilizer seep into local waters, creating toxic algae. "We're just now getting the first big rains of the season, and that brings a massive load of runoff with it," said John Cassani of Calusa Waterkeepers.

In the meantime, fertilizer sales continue to climb, despite the warnings of runoff and steep fines.