Aug. 7 2017 03:16 PM

According to a recent announcement from Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply, the company will be undergoing a few organizational changes in the months to come. The announcement from the company’s Phoenix, Arizona headquarters was accompanied by a statement from their president, Douglas York. “Our new company structure is positioning Ewing for growth, through increased support and resources for our customers, employees and stores.”

The company is only planning to make five transitions, but with more than 200 stores nationwide, that is no small task. The transitions include redefining the company’s geographic divisions and creating a talent resources department to focus on customer education and employee development. Ewing also plans to merge its financial services into a single department, combine their sales and marketing teams, and strengthen its focus on business development.

Ewing’s executive leadership team, led by Doug York, includes Richard York, chief operating officer; Mark Finstad, executive vice president of shared financial services; Jim Hudson, executive vice president of sales and marketing; Jon Luoma, executive vice president of procurement and operations; J.R. Richards, executive vice president of talent resources; Cliff Woodbury, executive vice president of culture and employee engagement; Jeff Lanahan, executive vice president of business development; Eric Niedermann, vice president of information technology; Aaron Budimlija, division vice president, Mountain Central; Ray Murphy, division vice president, Southeast; Bill Snider, division vice president, West; Sean Wimble, division vice president, Texas; Paul Glover, executive coach; and Steve Deist, chief strategist officer.