Mowing and edging are usually two separate jobs, requiring two separate tools – up until now, anyway. A man in Clinton Township, Pennsylvania, has figured out a way to combine them into one, with his invention of the Shark Tooth Edger.

The device, designed to attach to a front-wheel-drive lawn mower, edges as the mower cuts. Its tooth collects debris as it goes, shortening the cleanup process. Safety features include a guard for the user’s protection, and a slower run time, 300 rpm. Normally-powered edgers typically run at a much faster 3,000 rpm.

Its creator, Thomas Francis, 68, says this new tool will save money, time and space. Others apparently agree. This past June, his tool won a gold medal in the lawn and garden division at the Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX) in Pittsburgh.

It took Francis five years to obtain a patent on the Shark Tooth. First, a patent search had to be done, to make sure nothing similar was already out there. Then, he had to submit drawings and specs to the U.S. and Canadian patent offices.

Retailers have expressed interest, and Francis says he’s ready to see his baby hit the market. Perhaps someday, soon his invention--or some future permutation of it--will be used to help landscape professionals streamline their maintenance work as well.