It was one roller coaster of a day. Korey and Kristen Nagel, husband and wife, as well as co-owners of a lawn care company in Independence, Missouri, were overjoyed to welcome their new baby girl into the world. But just a few hours earlier, their ability to provide for her was threatened when their business’ truck and trailer were stolen.

That morning, soon-to-be-dad Korey had left his Nagel Lawn Care truck for five minutes to do some trimming along the side of a client's yard. When he’d finished, he saw that his black 2006 Ford F-150 and a trailer filled with landscape equipment--including two expensive commercial lawn mowers--had vanished. He immediately called the police.

The couple said the thieves not only stole valuable equipment, but some of the joy they should be experiencing over the birth of their first child, Kynlee. Both Nagels are teachers in the Independence School District, and depend on the lawn-care business to make ends meet, especially during the summer months.

“To know that I was out, possibly tens of thousands of dollars, and with a baby on the way, hurt,” said Korey Nagel. He had to use his wife’s car to drive her to the hospital, so she could give birth to Kynlee.

His Facebook post about the theft has been shared more than a thousand times. A tip via social media prompted him to visit the Kansas City Police Impound Yard a few days later, where one of his mowers was recovered. However, the truck, the trailer, some other equipment, and his 52-inch mower are still in the wind.

He estimates the total value of the stolen goods at more than $30,000, not to mention the value of the lost revenue. “I can't get any of my work done. Yards have been skipped. It's mean that I have to think about something like that during a special time like this.”

“I had an anger deep down,” said Kristen Nagel. “How could someone do something so terrible? I wish they knew how much they truly impacted someone else's life.”