Well water outages in North Raleigh and Wake Forest, North Carolina, are affecting about 830 homes. The outages are for the Stonehenge well system in Raleigh and the Crescent Ridge well system in Wake Forest, according to Aqua North Carolina, the water purveyor in that area.

“The issue at hand is caused by a lack of rain, coupled with recent increases in irrigation,” Aqua spokesman Daniel Lockwood said last week. Because the wells are taxed, Aqua said that some customers are experiencing low or no water pressure, or discolored water. In response, the company said that it’s issuing a mandatory restriction on non-essential water use which, if followed, should speed up the timeline for water to be restored.

“If customers comply with Aqua’s request to curtail all non-essential water use, our wells should replenish within one to two days,” the company said. “We will notify our customers in these areas again, once the curtailment is lifted and they can resume normal water use.”

In the meantime, Aqua planned to deliver bottled water to its affected customers until the outage is resolved.