The horrific shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, that left 58 innocent people dead has impacted the entire nation. Since the tragic event, citizens from all around the community are gathering together to complete a memorial to honor the fallen victims, and it’s all due to a couple of local landscape contractors.

Daniel Perez and Jay Pleggenkuhle, co-owners of Stonerose Landscapes, were strongly impacted by the mass shooting, and wanted to do something. They felt it was important that the city designate a space, so that the victims who were killed would never be forgotten.

Part of the contractors’ plan was to plant a total of 58 trees, to represent each of the victims. A prayer wall was also considered. The two contractors made a phone call to Las Vegas attorney, Brad Jerbic, and in only a couple of days, construction was underway.

“From there, it just sort of rolled, you know,” Pleggenkuhle said. “The biggest tree, referred to as the ‘tree of life,’ was donated by, no other than Siegried Fischbacher and Roy Horn. The famous magic act are huge supporters of the community.” To date, there are more than 400 other people who have also joined the cause.

Many contractors have donated time, effort and materials to the project. Architects, city employees, and other volunteers have also been working diligently, to transform a barren lot that was donated by city into a permanent park. “You see people from everywhere--who have never met any of the victims--donating trees, donating plants, donating their time, their effort, whatever it takes,” said Jerbic, who lost one of his co-workers in the attack. “The outpouring of generosity has been overwhelming,”

Contributors like Judy Navarrete, vice president of operations for Star Nursery, couldn’t be more proud of the project. “This will be a long-lasting memory, and hopefully, it will help the victims of the families heal,” she said. “We all need a little bit of healing.”