Nov. 15 2017
Like everyone, I have a bedtime routine. Before I slide between the sheets, I take my allergy pill, feed my cats, floss and brush my teeth, and put in my dry-eye drops. I also make sure my prescription
July 15 2017
Years ago, when installing irrigation for landscapes was still in its infancy, and landscape lighting was just a pipe dream, digging a trench was a major chore. “Back in the old days, we did everything
April 15 2017
One of the biggest issues our industry is facing is a shortage of labor. As more Baby Boomers retire, landscape companies are finding their available worker pool growing smaller each year. Plus, with talk
June 17 2016
Taken as a whole, our industry is one of the greatest unremarked-upon workhorses of society. Landscape contractors get more done with less fuss than any other profession. Every member of our crews is expected
April 15 2016
If you're an action-movie fan, you may have heard a character - perhaps a superhero - boasting: “I have the strength of ten men!” As a landscape or irrigation contractor, you probably have
March 16 2016
Over the green swaths of a manicured lawn, an operator on a zero-turn mower seems to glide along, trimming off the top half-inch of each blade. Through his ear protection, the roaring life of his machine
Oct. 15 2015
Imagine if you could change your DNA—becoming taller, stronger or faster depending on what was best suited to the task at hand. Compared to modifying your body, swapping out a mower is a snap.
July 15 2015
It’s been said that the ability to use and create tools is what sets the human species apart more so than anything else. Still, progress has been relatively slow. We didn’t advance from the
April 15 2015
Now phones do so many things, it would take this entire article to list them all. They’re entertainment centers, data managers, storage devices, navigation systems, and access portals to the Internet,
Jan. 15 2015
One of the best things about selfserve frozen yogurt places are those little white sample cups. They exist just so you can try out a new flavor before you commit to a w hole cupful. Will you really like
Dec. 15 2014
The very competitive commercial mower industry just had its equivalent of Detroit’s Auto Show. It’s called GIE+EXPO, and it’s held every October in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s where
Sept. 15 2014
Competition among landscape contractors can be fierce. During the bidding process, every conceivable advantage is precious, especially where time and cost of labor are concerned. Investments in machinery
July 15 2014
One of the many decisions a business owner has to make is when and if to purchase new equipment. You ask yourself, “Will this tool help me expand? Cut costs? Streamline the work flow? Will I get
June 16 2014
There’s an old industrial short subject called “Spring Fever.” In it, a man’s wife won’t let him go out and play golf until he fixes a broken sofa spring. Frustrated, he yells:
April 15 2014
If you think back to ancient times, we’ve all seen photographs of the pyramids, aqueducts, and old buildings and marveled at their shapes and designs. Even more interesting, we’ve wondered
June 12 2013
According to ancient legend, the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, could shake the earth itself with his enchanted hammer. But you do not need to be a Viking legend to have the same type of impact on your workload.
Sept. 19 2012
As long as there have been politicians running for office, there have been stump speeches. That is, that species of campaigning where the candidate ascends a real or virtual tree stump to address—or
July 17 2012
Not everywhere can be like Florida or california, where the grass grows green all year round. so in the history of landscape maintenance, winter has been known to cause hard times for contractors. some
July 12 2012
Facing charges that she allegedly bilked a New Berlin, Wisconsin landscape company, 37-year-old former secretary Robbin R. Hoeppner was charged with one count of theft of more than $2,500, and 1
April 19 2012
You've heard it all before: the landscape business is changing in a way that favors efficiency, speed and volume. As revenues shrink and customers continue to expect more for less, landscape contractors