April 25 2018
The landscape irrigation industry is responding to water scarcity with creative ideas for conserving and preserving supplies
March 5 2018
Established in 1980, the mission of the Irrigation Foundation is to attract professionals to our industry by promoting careers in irrigation. Whether you
Feb. 5 2018
Laura Allen remembers getting her first water bill. She was in her early 20s, sharing a California house with some friends, and they’d just planted
Jan. 15 2018
It’s a bit ironic, really; a lot of very successful landscape contractors began their careers pushing lawn mowers. But after they established their
Nov. 15 2017
If you’re an experienced contractor, you could probably install an irrigation system while tapdancing with a blindfold on. But when it comes to figuring
Nov. 15 2017
If you were alive in the ’60s or ’70s, you may remember the old TV remote control, the little ‘clicker’ box with four buttons.
Oct. 16 2017
The process of figuring out the cause of a problem can be more like something out of that old doctor show, ‘House.’ In any episode, there were
Aug. 15 2017
A landscape contractor working on the groundbreaking phase of a new retirement community in Van Nuys, California, had certain specific concerns about irrigation.
July 15 2017
It’s also a good time to talk about the importance of saving water. It’s the hottest month of the year, and when the most water flows out onto
July 15 2017
The year is 1971, and Bob Dobson has just completed the installation of a $37,000 irrigation system at a condominium. The client wants to see the system
March 15 2017
Getting audited by the IRS is the financial equivalent of a root canal —without an anesthetic— so people tend to think of all audits as bad
Feb. 15 2017
At the end of last year, I spent my New Year’s Eve where most of us do, at a party. After the year turned, one of my friends pulled out his guitar
Jan. 16 2017
Offering your clients and potential clients additional services that your competitors may not offer could tip the scales in your favor
Dec. 15 2016
THE GREEN INDUSTRY GETS BLAMED for wasting water, but most of this criticism is unfair. After all, the manufacturers within our industry invented high-efficiency
Nov. 18 2016
We all have our winter routines. Some people look forward to fishing out the Christmas decorations from the attic to put up around the house. Others cherish
Nov. 18 2016
who want to make a good visual impression. It can cut into their bottom line. “Obviously, you lease more and rent more apartments whenever you have
Nov. 18 2016
Water always comes from somewhere, usually the municipal supply, and although it is a renewable resource, it is finite. If the rains go away for long enough,
Oct. 15 2016
That was the lesson Mike Mason, CEO, and Brodie Bruner, executive vice president of Weathermatic, took away when a colleague they had worked alongside
Oct. 15 2016
These days, it seems like the few parts of the country that aren’t running out of water are being overrun with it. Hurricanes and unseasonably wet
Sept. 15 2016
Droughts that are designated as long-term cover all of California, half of Nevada, all of Arizona and weatern New Mexico, with central Utah taking a bit