Oct. 1 2006
A GOOD BUSINESSMAN IS ALWAYS LOOKing for ways to make his business even better. Sometimes, this can mean expensive or risky investments, acquiring new
Sept. 1 2006
It’s easy to take a well-designed landscape for granted. When we’re looking at a landscape, we shouldn’t be focusing on the placement
Aug. 1 2006
Helmut Winkelhake has been in the green industry since the 1970s. The founder of Horticare in Ross, California, he prides himself on his efficient use
July 1 2006
The doo-wop musical group The Five Royals recorded a song in the 1950s whose lyrics are oddly appropriate for today: You don't miss your water until your
July 1 2006
It’s been nearly three years in the making, but for Steve Tibbs, he wanted everything just right. “We built a new wing onto our home,”
June 5 2006
For potable water, life is a series of one-way streets. Safe drinking water depends on all “traffic” within a water system to move in the
June 1 2006
In life, big problems generally require big changes and change isn’t something our species tends to embrace easily. In life, big problems
April 1 2006
Installing valves and valve boxes can be as routine as pouring another cup of coffee on the way to your truck. But as routine as this task has become,
April 1 2006
Technology has evolved rather quickly in the last twenty years. Many of us cannot imagine a world without computers, compact disc players and cell phones,
March 1 2006
A growing number of property owners and municipalities are waking up to the fact that efficient landscape irrigation can play a major role in water conservation
Feb. 1 2006
Ok. Stay calm. Let’s see how we’re going to handle this. A number of questions enter my mind as I think to myself, who are these people? How
Jan. 1 2006
This winter, as you sit inside in your toasty living room in front of the fire, your mind may be far from the irrigation systems you’re responsible
Dec. 1 2005
Our nation’s landscapes are growing smarter and greener using less water. For years, water efficiency has played a key role in landscape design in
Dec. 1 2005
The sprinklers were watering continuously and the gardener had shut off the water. Out of desperation the homeowner called All American Landscape, La Crescenta,
Sept. 1 2005
Water conservation should be profitable for you and your customers. I could, and maybe should, end the article with just this statement. Yes, it seems
Sept. 1 2005
Remember the advertising campaign for a brand of cigarettes aimed at women? “You’ve come a long way baby,” was their slogan. To borrow
Aug. 1 2005
During the Cold War, the great fear was that some mad tyrant had a finger on the “button” that could destroy the world. Today, a finger on
July 1 2005
It begins with a bang, and that’s not a good thing. Where it ends could be with damaged pipes, a leaking irrigation system, countless headaches,
June 1 2005
Imagine you’re on vacation… when you receive a phone call. In the two weeks that you’ve been gone, a heat wave has enveloped your home
June 1 2005
At the new Wynn Las Vegas resort, the decision was made early on to use synthetic turf in areas where there would be high traffic. Yet the use of that