Aug. 15 2018
Western pine beetleDarren Blackford, USDA Forest Service, California’s trees are in trouble. Even though the drought has been declared officially over for some time, it’s ha
Aug. 13 2018
As a way to save manpower and be more sustainable, the Philadelphia suburb of Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania, has been employing a few dozen Katahdin sheep to help maintain rocky storm water b
Aug. 13 2018
A Memphis lawn care business owner was stabbed outside home last week, allegedly by one of his own employees. Sixty-four year old Harold McGhee was hospitalized after a new hire reportedly trie
Aug. 9 2018
Shutterstock A man was arraigned in Lawrence, Massachusetts on gun charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon, after allegedly threatening a landscaper. What did the landscaper do t
Aug. 8 2018
They’ve done it before, and they’re doing it again: volunteers in Vallejo, California are filling neglected street planters with greenery. This time, they hope the plantings will last. According ...
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Aug. 7 2018
Shutterstock A tree trimmer in Jacksonville Beach, Florida died after disturbing a wasp nest. It wasn’t the wasps’ stings that caused his death, but the fall from the ladder he was on, accord ...
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Aug. 2 2018
Shutterstock A Pinewood, North Carolina woman used to have a job that involved sitting at a desk all day. She hated it, so she traded it for sitting in a harness rig working for Heartwood Tree
July 31 2018
Rapper-actor-producer-entrepreneur Snoop Dogg is suing PDQ Enterprises, a landscape construction business, alleging that the company performed substandard work at his Diamond Bar, California mansion
July 27 2018
Raising Men Lawn Care Service Founder Rodney Smith Jr. has completed his second 50 States, 50 Lawns Tour. Since May 17, Rodney has driven across the U.S., mowing nearly 130 lawns for the elderl
July 27 2018
Forever Greens, Livermore, California, recently installed 6,000 square feet of Everglade Fescue Pro, an artificial turf produced by Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Anaheim, California, at a Bay Area
July 26 2018
They should have listened to the landscape architect. The Salem Witch Trials memorial at Proctor's Ledge in Salem, Massachusetts has been open slightly less than a year, but that was enough ti
July 23 2018
Emerald ash borerShutterstock The inexorable march of the Emerald Ash Borer has reached Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Now, it's a race against time to save the area’s ash trees, including t
July 23 2018
Team Members Erin Ecklof and Keith Kinsey of Kiely Home accepting the first Green Leaf Award from the Little Silver Environmental Commission.Kiely Home, a residential home builder located in Monmouth
July 18 2018
A Parma, Ohio, landscape contractor was arrested for contracting with homeowners for patio and landscaping work but never finishing the jobs. The incidents reportedly happened in Twinsburg, Ohio in 20
July 18 2018
The real estate market in many U.S. cities is red-hot, with prices at an all-time high. Plenty of people are cashing in, putting their homes up for sale while the selling’s good. Whatever the reason ...
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July 17 2018
Giant hogweed plant As we reported previously, giant hogweed, a toxic plant that can cause severe injury to anyone who touches it was spotted in several locations in Virginia. U
July 12 2018
It’s a landscape maintenance contractor’s dream…or is it? Have you ever wished your mowers could go faster? How about a lot faster? According to a story in Fort ...
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July 10 2018
A falling tree and other violations has landed the owner of an Akron, Ohio tree-trimming and yard maintenance business behind bars, according to a story reported by FOX8, Cleveland. Cory Howard
July 8 2018
A fire broke out at a Phoenix landscaping business at approximately 9:30 a.m. July 3, according to According to the report, large piles of tree trimmings, grass and other wood products
July 3 2018
A program to allow residents of Madison, Wisconsin, the ability to plant fruit trees, nut trees and other edible perennial plants on city-owned properties, has not seen a lot of traction in the five y