Product Spotlight

Backflow Rock Enclosures

The Model 116 Backflow Rock Enclosure is designed to camouflage most 2” backflow pipe devices. Constructed of lightweight polyethylene, the enclosure weighs 21 lbs, and is ASSE standard 1060 approved for heat, insulated and noninsulated classifications of protection.

The overall enclosure measures 48" x 30" x 20" and can be mounted on a 53" x 25" concrete pad. For realistic and natural rock appearance, the enclosure is available in Riverbed brown or Fieldstone gray. Custom colors of Sedona Sunset and Sandstone can be special ordered. DekoRRa Products Circle 163 on Reader Response Card

Cable/Wire Installer

The E-Z Cable Installer digs a trench, lays a wire or cable and actually backfills the trench. Powered by a Honda GX160, the high-speed carbide-tipped blades slice through hard soils and roots at 20 feet per minute allowing cable or wire to be installed 3.5” deep with minimal turf damage.

The dual belt and clutch system maximizes power to the blade and cushions sudden impact. All moving and cutting parts are safely shielded from the operator for guarded protection from injury.

The TP56 weighs only 100 lbs. and can be modified to install drip irrigation.

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Zero-Turn Mower Series

P-ZT Zero-Turn Mower series utilizes commercial-duty integrated ZT3400 transmissions with 12cc pumps for smooth operation at speeds up to 10mph. The fabricated cutting deck is constructed from twin 11gauge steel sheet construction, which equates to a 1/4" thick top deck area for added structure and spindle support.

The 48" P-ZT4822 is equipped with a 22hp Kawasaki engine and the 52" P-ZT5224 features a 24hp Kawaski engine. Two 61" models are available with either a 26hp Kawasaki or 810c Briggs & Stratton commercial turf series engine with cyclonic air filtration.

Extreme-duty front caster assemblies include pneumatic tires as standard equipment. Flat-free versions are available as an option. The drive system carries a 2-year commercial warranty. Husqvarna Circle 164 on Reader Response Card

Easy Clean Filters

The Scanaway and Brushaway Filters for protecting sprinklers, micro-emitters and drip irrigation systems can be cleaned with the turn of a handle—without disassembly or interrupting filtration.

In the Scanaway, opening the exhaust port creates low pressure behind nozzles that clean the screen in a spiral motion. The rotating brush assembly feature in the Brushaway works to scrub the screens clean.

The Brushaway offers filtration from 3500 to 200 microns, while the Scanaway delivers filtration from 500 to 50 microns. Amiad Circle 166 on Reader Response Card

Mower Deck

Wright Manufacturing introduces a new deck design for its StanderX and Sport X mowers. The deck features anti-clumping baffles which prevent debris build-up at the discharge chute.

Air-tapered blade surfaces create pressure to pull grass up for a cleaner, more uniform cut. Recessed caster wheels result in a more compact footprint and improved agility. Wright Manufacturing Circle 167 on Reader Response Card

Insecticide Available in Smaller Sizes

Safari insecticide is now available in a 12 oz container for lawn care professionals who need smaller packages to protect trees, shrubs and other ornamental plants from damaging pests. The smaller size containers are easy to store and simple to handle. It can be used in hand-pump sprayers without the need for specialized equipment necessary for soil treatments.

When mixed in one gallon of water and applied as a basal trunk spray, one 12 oz container of Safari will typically treat 5 to 7 trees that measure 12” in diameter at breast height.

Safari is a super-systemic insecticide with quick uptake and knockdown, which controls a broad spectrum of tough and invasive pests, including Q- and B-biotype whitefly, hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA), emerald ash borer (EAB), mealybug, leafminer, fungus gnat, black vine weevil, glassywinged sharpshooter, armored and soft scale and lacebug. Valent Professional Products Circle 169 on Reader Response Card

Breaker Attachments

The EDGE Breaker Attachments for skid steer loaders and compact excavators feature a nitrogen-charged backhead and an advanced hydraulic circuit which increases flow to the valve and piston for faster cycle times, increased tool penetration and more productivity per hour.

The skid steer models come in impact energy classes from 375 lb.-ft. to 1,000 lb.-ft., and come standard with a moil point tool, hoses, hose saver kit and flat-faced couplers. The EBS375 (375 lb.-ft.) and the EBS550 (550 lb.-ft.) skid steer models also feature a control valve that regulates the pressure and flow.

The compact excavator model breakers come in impact energy classes from 150 lb.-ft. to 1,500 lb.-ft. and come standard with a moil point tool. Mounting brackets are also available for most compact excavators.

Optional equipment includes a nitrogen gas charge kit for the skid steer models and an auto-lubrication system kit for compact excavator models. CEAttachmetns, Inc. Circle 168 on Reader Response Card

Debris Loader

ECHO Bear Cat adds the 12" DL12653 debris loader to its line of outdoor power equipment. The model, which replaces the 12" DL12725 debris loader, has a longer hose length, increased fuel tank size and a skid mount base with several mounting options.

The new model features a Subaru 653cc V twin commercial-grade engine and has replaceable wear liners within the housing unit to help strengthen the machine. It is built with a skid mount base, allowing it to be mounted to a trailer or truck bed.

The loader is also designed with a 360-degree rotating discharge chute. Accessories include a universal road towable trailer kit, work light kit, wear liner replacement kit and a flexible chute extension.

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