Product Spotlight

Zero-Turn Mower

To help control rising fuel costs, John Deere recently introduced its ZTrak PRO Z925 zero-turn mower with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). It offers a closedloop fuel injection system that can provide up to 25% fuel savings for landscape contractors.

By constantly monitoring engine performance, the Z925 EFI’s fuel injectors can respond to the load on the engine with the right amount of fuel, thereby maximizing fuel efficiency for the conditions.

The Z925 EFI contains a Tuff Torq integrated transmission, which features 13cc piston style pumps and 13cc wheel motors. A cross-porting system unique to the Ztrak Pro 900 series routes the coolest hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic pump doing most of the work.

The mowing deck is stamped from 7-gauge steel, and is available in 54" or 60" versions. Z925 EFI operators can adjust the deck height from the operator’s seat using the height-of-cut adjustment system. John Deere Circle 204 on Reader Response Card

High Pressure Wash Reels

The Series CT high pressure hose reel introduced by Reelcraft has the capacity to store up to 100’ of 5000 psi wash hose. The reel is coated with powder at the component level to increase corrosion resistance.

A balanced brass swivel and brake assembly attaches to the main shaft of the wash wheel, preventing de-spooling when the reel is not in use. The inlet hose connects to a swivel through the wash reel’s tubular base.

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toro’s EZ-Flo plus jar-top Series valves include new features that increase durability and facilitate ease of servicing. the jar-top design requires no screws, decreasing the time and effort required to service the valves. the screw-free system means less time spent flushing out the valves on start-up, and cleaning the diaphragm area requires no tools.

pVC, glass-filled nylon and stainless steel construction, in conjunction with double-beaded, chloramine and ozone-resistant diaphragms, ensure a consistent, leak-proof seal at pressures up to 150 psi.

EZ-Flo valves also come with the option for pre-installed dC latching solenoids.

optional flow control settings allow a user to adjust the water flow of each zone on a system using the EZ- Flo plus. they are available in both in-line and antisiphon models, providing a wide selection for new and retrofit installations. Toro Circle 203 on Reader Response Card

Line Trimmer

Coming in the spring of 2012, the Core CGT400 trimmer is the first outdoor power product from Core to utilize their gas-less, high-torque rotary engine with a printed circuit board and magnetic rotors.

The line trimmer runs on an easy-eject, rechargeable power cell. It features instant trigger start, dual-mode controls for torque and speed, an open view grass guard, and a comfortable grip handle. Run time is similar to a tank of gas. Later in 2012, Core expands its rotary technology into other outdoor power equipment products.

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The two-wheel drive Zahn R300 features a 30hp Kohler gas engine that can power two types of front-end trenchers. It is also available as a four-wheel drive model that accepts up to seven different types of front ends. A hydraulic articulation joint allows the front end to perform like a dedicated unit.

Features include fully hydraulic steering and selectable ground drive speed ranges. It comes standard with cruise control as well and can hold up to 11 gallons in its tank. A traction assist feature also provides extra-torque at the operator’s demand.

The R300 is 36" wide. Options include dual wheels and 20" urethane-filled, flat-proof tires. Ditch Witch Circle 200 on Reader Response Card

Hybrid Snow Blower

Honda’s hybrid HS1336i snow blower combines electric motors for propulsion and a gasoline engine to charge the battery and power the auger/fan apparatus. The two electric motors function in parallel and act as a generator during deceleration. The blower is equipped with an iGX390 four-stroke overhead valve motor that includes an auto choke. It has a clearing width of 36” and a clearing height of 23” and can blow up to 83 tons of snow per hour.

The auger housing can be adjusted up to 7° to the left or right. If the feed is disrupted, the operator can reset the vertical movement of the auger to return to its normal position.

When the machine is put into reverse, a lift mechanism will automatically raise the auger (to avoid getting caught in the snow). It then moves back into place when the blower returns to forward gear. Other features include an external lever that can operate the choke shaft, and an icing guard that directs hot air from the engine to warm the carburetor. Honda Circle 198 on Reader Response Card

Collection System

husqvarna’s ‘dump from seat’ collection system is designed for their pZ and dixon dX200 zero-turn mowers, and will fit 54" and 60" cutting decks.

the hopper is constructed from 12-gauge steel and can hold 11 bushels. It also features a high-density polyethylene hood and a front weight kit for proper mower balance. A spring-assisted release handle can be accessed from the seated position, allowing the operator to remain on the machine during the removal of collected material. Husqvarna Circle 199 on Reader Response Card

Stander Mower

Landscape service providers looking for zero-turning functionality at a lower price than a riding mower can now stand on the Wright Stander X. With a top speed of 9.5 miles an hour, and deck sizes of 48", 52", and 61", the Stander X is ideal for cutting grass on hillsides.

The Stander X deck is designed with a simple deck-lift system that allows the operator to adjust the deck height for different lawn cutting requirements, while a full-length thigh-to-knee pad ensures user comfort. Wright Manufacturing Circle 197 on Reader Response Card