Promised but Not Delivered

A contractor came under fire for taking customers' money without delivering the promised outdoor kitchens and landscapes. Instead, he used that money to pay bills for his own business. Louis "Tuffy" Davis, owner of TD Landscape Design LLC., in Bastrop, Texas, said he knew that his business was in financial trouble, but he continued to accept customers' deposits for work, even though the company was veering toward bankruptcy.

He told the bankruptcy trustee that, as the financial pressure mounted, he wrote company checks totaling $44,000 to himself. Those checks were converted into cashier's checks for sub-contractors and suppliers who would no longer take his personal checks.

When asked why his suppliers weren't paid, Davis said: "I didn't have the funds. I was meeting with investors, loan people, to get the company back upright." He also said that the bank accounts for his businesses were co-mingled, and he used customer's money to pay company bills, his employees, to make insurance payments and to put fuel in his company vehicles. He owes millions of dollars to hundreds of customers and sub-contractors across the Austin, Texas area.