Homeowner Sues Landscape Contractor

A disgruntled homeowner is suing Green with Envy Lawn Care & Landscape in Madison Country, Illinois. She claims she hired the defendants to build a brick retaining wall in her yard, but the wall was not built to the agreed standards. The landscape firm was also supposed to install a drainage system.

After the homeowner gave the contractor a deposit of $1,900, they began to remove an existing brick wall and in doing so, altered the terrain of the yard. They sold the bricks and other materials from the existing wall without the homeowner’s permission and without compensating her in any way.

The homeowner claims that the placement of the drainage system they installed causes water runoff to flow directly into her home. She also claims that the company did not build the wall properly, as evidenced by the top row protruding 4½ inches past the bottom row.

The total cost for the project was to be between $4,293 and $4,733 dollars, which the plaintiff paid in full. After some convincing, the company agreed to rebuild the brick wall, but instead only tore it down and ceased working.

Further attempts by the homeowner to reach the company were ignored. She is now seeking damages of more than $300,000 for breach of contract, negligence and conversion from the defendants.