From NFL to Mowing Machine?

James Harrison’s twitter feed, as you might expect for a linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers, is filled with feats of strength. He’s an impressive dude, with a lot of muscle mass and endurance, and he likes to show off from time to time, but a recent post from the professional football player showed something a little bit different.

The video shows a Toro zero-turn mower as it buzzes along the manicured grass at the Steelers’ practice field, and as it comes closer, it becomes clear that Harrison is at the helm. As one sports journalist put it, “Perhaps he is workshopping different post-NFL employment opportunities, in the wake of Pittsburgh’s decision to limit his snaps in 2017. The more likely scenario, though, is that Harrison noticed an commercial-grade ride-on lawnmower at Steelers camp, and decided to use it. No one dared tell him to stop.”

Ride-on mowers. It seems like no one can keep their hands off of them.